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myHealthPortal and myHealthButton

MPHI is excited to offer trainings for your organization centered around myHealthPortal and myHealthButton. Learn the basics of the applications including how to access them, how to use them, who they’re for, how to introduce them to your members, and how these applications can lead to a healthier Michigan.


What is myHealthPortal and myHealthButton?

myHealthPortal is an online website that allows Michigan Medicaid, Children’s Special Health Care Services (CSHCS), and Healthy Michigan Plan consumers to access their health information.

myHealthButton is the mobile application version of myHealthPortal, allowing Michigan Medicaid, Children’s Special Health Care Services (CSHCS), and Healthy Michigan Plan consumers to access their health information from iOS and Android mobile devices.

These applications will provide tools that will put health care benefits and services directly into the hands of members that are served by the State of Michigan. All members are encouraged to access the applications on a regular basis to take advantage of additional features.

More information about how to create an account and register for these applications can be found on the State of Michigan’s myHealthPortal page.

  • View your healthcare benefit information, such as services covered and co-pays
  • Get a copy of your mihealth card
  • Search for providers
  • View and download a copy of your immunization record
  • View CSHCS qualifying diagnoses and authorized providers
  • View CSHCS payment agreement notification and make online payments
  • View other insurance information
  • Fill out Health Risk Assessments
  • View prior authorizations
  • Access health tools & health information trackers (e.g. Water intake, smoking cessation, pregnancy tracker)


Download The App

Don’t forget, you must first register with MILogin, in order to log into myHealthPortal and myHealthButton.

Commonly Asked Questions

In order to gain access to myHealthPortal or myHealthButton, you must first register with MILogin at MILogin is the State of Michigan portal giving Michigan citizens access to Michigan specific services.
myHealthPortal and myHealthButton display Protected Health Information (PHI). The State of Michigan requires all users to provide personal information to ensure that access is only authorized when appropriate. Without providing this information, you will not be allowed to access information in myHealthPortal or myHealthButton.
The information that you provide when registering in myHealthPortal and myHealthButton must match exactly what we have in our system. We may have old information, and this could be causing the error. Contact the Beneficiary Help Line at 800-642-3195, TTY 866-501-5656 and tell them what needs to be updated so they can advise you how to do this.

For Medicaid members, the information used to register in myHealthPortal and myHealthButton must match exactly what is shown in MI Bridges. You can review this information by signing into your MI Bridges account at



Promote myHealthbutton and myHealthPortal in your community or organization by downloading this informative poster!




When promoting the use of myHealthButton and myHealthPortal, personas can be useful in providing a real-life example of the applications uses and benefits.  Below are three persona examples with video testimonies, expanded narratives, and a smaller postcard version.

Allen Rodriguez

Allen is able to keep track of his families’ health information using myHealthButton.

Learn how myHealthButton helps Allen become engaged in his health.

Allen Rodriguez Persona Postcard

Allen Rodriguez Persona

Jalen Xavier

Discover how to get the most the out of your Medicaid insurance using myHealthPortal.

Find out how myHealthPortal allows Jalen to worry less about health insurance and focus more on his future.

Jalen Xavier Persona Postcard

Jalen Xavier Persona

Nicole West

Beyond just health information, myHealthPortal helps Nicole in her journey to quit smoking.

With a fluctuating schedule, myHealthPortal allows Nicole to keep track of all her families’ appointments and her health goals.

Nicole West Persona Postcard

Nicole West Persona