Stage1 Year1

Stage 1, Year 1:

The basic requirement for Public Health Reporting during Stage 1, Year 1 of Meaningful Use is that you submit at least one test message to a Public Health system before the end of your 90-day EHR reporting period. Please read the general steps below, and then consult the page specific to the system(s) with which you will be testing.

  1. Consult the Statement on the Availability of Public Health Systems to Conduct Meaningful Use Testing available here: Michigan Public Health and Meaningful Use Testing Capabilities
  2. Three public health systems are available for testing. Download the appropriate specifications guide.

    MCIR Testing and Submission Guide
    MDSS Testing and Submission Guide
    MSSS Testing and Submission Guide

  3. Use the button below to register for Meaningful Use Public Health Testing
    Register with Health System Testing Repository
  4. After MDCH receives your online registration, you will be contacted and given further details on the meaningful use (MU) testing process.
    Upon receipt, your online registration will be placed into a queue. Testing priority is based upon (1) your agency’s reporting period and (2) the order in which online registrations are received. Due to current testing volumes, please allow at least two weeks for a response. An email with test message submission instructions will be sent to the “Site Contact Person”
  5. Submit your MU test messages.
    The State of Michigan validates test messages ahead of and during 90-day attestation reporting periods. To allow time to address any unforeseen problems, your test messages should be submitted at least a month before the end of your 90-day attestation reporting period, and preferably well in advance of the beginning of the period. You cannot test after the final day of your 90-day reporting period.
  6. After your organization has submitted a test message and has begun the follow-up submission process, MDCH will send a confirmation letter for your MU records.
  7. If you have any questions regarding MU testing with Michigan Public Health Systems, please contact:
    For Testing information specific to a public health system, return to the “Public Health” page and select the systems with which you wish to test.