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myHealthButton FAQ

Click on the boxes to find answers to some of the frequently asked questions related to the myHealthButton and myHealthPortal applications.

General Information

Yes, if you signed up for the apps when active, but are now inactive on Medicaid, you are still able to login and see their info based on when they were active.
If you are known within the MDHHS system as a Responsible Party, Guardian, Guardian Agency or Case Head, you may view that person’s info by adding them to your account. Learn how to Add a Member.
In myHealthPortal, the language of the application can be changed to Spanish, but not in myHealthButton.  Learn how to change the language to Spanish.

To add an account in the applications, a member must have an accepted “relationship” to the account to be able to view their info.

CHAMPS has “checks” in place to stop any outside contact with protected records. myHealthButton & myHealthPortal use these “checks” in the applications. A record would not be shown in myHealthButton & myHealthPortal if it were protected.

Case relationships in the myHealthButton & myHealthPortal are shown in CHAMPS. When you add other members to your account, the only “relationship” that will work is the relationship that is what is already in CHAMPS.

If you do not know the relationship when adding other members, contact your caseworker or the beneficiary hotline at 1-800-642-3195.

MI Bridges helps Michigan residents apply for benefits, manage their case, and find resources. myHealthButton & myHealthPortal provides health and coverage info to members of Michigan Medicaid, MIChild, or Children’s Special Health Care Services.

Application Registration

myHealthButton and myHealthPortal are offered to members enrolled in Michigan Medicaid, MIChild, or Children’s Special Health Care Services. Users over 18 can make an account and link the accounts of others based on their relationship to that person.
To learn how to register for myHealthButton & myHealthPortal, visit: and follow the instructions at the top of the page or check out the registration brochure.

For MILogin registration problems, call the MILogin Help Desk at 877-651-2502 or email

For errors when signing up for the myHealthButton or the myHealthPortal apps, email

For Medicaid members, the info used to sign up for myHealthButton & myHealthPortal must match exactly what is shown in MI Bridges. You can check this info by signing into your MI Bridges account at

Since myHealthButton & myHealthPortal have access to your health info, it has been made to be protected. After creating a MILogin account, confirming your identity is an important step to make sure that “you are you” and must be completed to use myHealthButton & myHealthPortal. It is not a credit check, answers are not kept, locations are not tracked, and answers do not affect eligibility. Learn more about the Identity Proofing process.
MDHHS knows that some people may not be comfortable giving answers or do not have enough “history” to be verified and is working to develop an in-person option. However, at this time, this step must be completed to be approved to use myHealthButton & myHealthPortal.
The info provided when signing up for myHealthButton & myHealthPortal must match what is found in MI Bridges and CHAMPS. Nicknames and shortenings are not accepted.


Application Features

Check out all of the features found in the applications with the feature guide.
Check out all of the CSHCS features found in the applications feature guide.
Using your phone’s location or entering in a zip code, the Find a Doctor feature allows you to look for Medicaid doctors and other providers within a 25-mile radius of your location. If your location services are turned off, no results will be shown.
There are limits put into the applications that allow people to complete one HRA per year. However, members can complete more than one HRA per year with their provider if they so choose.
No, while there is an HRA offered in the application for non-HMP members, it has different questions and will not be shared with your doctor.
The HRA is only shown in CHAMPS when the provider looks up the HRA info for a patient in their care.
Other Insurances are additional health insurance coverages that a user might have along with Medicaid. In the applications, users can see these other insurances, including coverage type, group number, policy number, date updated and begin and end dates, and make changes if the info is not correct.
All changes made in the app are effective immediately, pending review by Third Party Liability (TPL) at MDHHS. If the changes are verified, they will be finalized within 7-10 business days. Urgent requests, those that impact access to care/pharmacy or those made through the beneficiary hotline, will be reviewed within 24 hours. If a change is not verifiable, it will revert to the original information as displayed in the app.

To share info found in the Health Tracker feature, mihealth card, and other features, use your phone or computer to take a screenshot. The image can be printed or sent as a text or email.

MCIR records can be downloaded in the applications. If using myHealthPortal, there will be a print button you can click after downloading the file. If using myHealthButton, use your phone to take a screenshot. The image can be printed or sent as a text or email.

My Health Information

myHealthButton & myHealthPortal collects your health info and coverage from a variety of sources.

Info on Claims data comes from CHAMPS.

Info on Other Insurances is handled by MDHHS – Third Party Liability.

Personal info, demographics, and case info come from MI Bridges.

Current immunization records come from MCIR.

Personal info can be updated in MI Bridges and will be updated in the applications as well. Once logged into MI Bridges, click the user button to go to Profile in the upper-right hand corner of the Dashboard. Next to Personal Information, click Edit. Update the information and save it.
myHealthButton & myHealthPortal will show the immunization records held by the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR). MCIR shows the most up to date childhood vaccinations records for those who are 33 years old and younger. New, mandatory immunizations show up within 72 hours. Users can ask their Primary Care Physician or Local Health Department to enter the info into MCIR if it does not show up. Questions about MCIR and immunizations can be sent to