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Getting Started

Creating a MILogin Account

The first step to accessing myHealthButton is to create a MILogin account. MILogin is the state of Michigan solution that allows users the ability to access many state services and systems online, across multiple departments, using a single user ID and password. First-time users will need to set up a MILogin account.

Please do not create a new MILogin account if you already have one to access the following online services: MDHHS MI Bridges, MI-WIC, MiPage, Michigan Web Account Manager (MiWAM), or others. Use your existing user ID and password from those systems to log into the MILogin portal.

Downloading the App & Signing In

View the myHealthButton registration brochure for instructions on how to access the app.

Don’t forget, you must first register with MILogin, in order to log into myHealthPortal and myHealthButton.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to gain access to myHealthPortal or myHealthButton, you must first register with MILogin at MILogin is the State of Michigan portal giving Michigan citizens access to Michigan specific services.
myHealthPortal and myHealthButton display Protected Health Information (PHI). The State of Michigan requires all users to provide personal information to ensure that access is only authorized when appropriate. Without providing this information, you will not be allowed to access information in myHealthPortal or myHealthButton.

The information that you provide when registering in myHealthPortal and myHealthButton must match exactly what we have in our system. We may have old information, and this could be causing the error. Contact the Beneficiary Help Line at 800-642-3195, TTY 866-501-5656 and tell them what needs to be updated so they can advise you how to do this. For Medicaid members, the information used to register in myHealthPortal and myHealthButton must match exactly what is shown in MI Bridges. You can review this information by signing into your MI Bridges account at

No Wrong Door Policy

Looking for other resources and support? MI Bridges can help! No account is needed and can provide resources related to: utilities, employment support, transportation, housing, and many more.